Why use Asgard?

Invaluable Expertise

Asgard are construction experts. Wrapped around this core expertise is strong technical engineering knowledge, hands on industry experience and a deep and thorough understanding of the contract process (both practical and legal).

Altogether this enables Asgard to provide a suite of niche project planning and project management services that support the delivery of construction projects on time and on budget.

This deep technical knowledge and know-how is also invaluable in managing disputes and apportioning responsibility when projects do not go as planned.

This enables us to provide the following services:

Interim and final particulars for delay and disruption, loss and/or expense, prolongation, liquidated and management of change;


  • Forensic delay analysis including both prospective and retrospective techniques;
  • Contractual claims for adverse ground conditions including those arising out of Geotechnical Baseline Reports (GBR);
  • Measurement claims including claims for omitted items and substantial increases or decreases in quantities;
  • Insurance claims; and
  • Valuation of variations, contra charges and defective work


Here are the industry bodies which whom we are accredited.



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