Contract Initiation & Schedule Approval

For the best possible outcome, construction contracts should be realistic and deliverable from the outset. Asgard can help you achieve this.

Internal tendering teams usually bring together expertise from different in-house technical functions, who provide input on their area of expertise needed for the project. Asgard complements this by overlaying our technical project planning, as well as legal expertise, pulling all the details together so you end up with a project schedule fit for purpose.

Having a specialist on your team who can provide objective and independent advice – without the internal pressures found in commercial environments – provides invaluable support on setting up a project for success from the start.

Expertise that Asgard adds to your team includes:

  • Tender Planning & Documentation
  • Construction Methodology – ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Contractor Review – verify information provided
  • Risk Analysis – Project & Contract
  • Contract Review – clarity on contractual obligations


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