Knowledge Bank ~ Case Study – Multi-disciplinary Coal Mining Facilities

Mining is a capital intensive industry, with significant amounts of money at stake on construction projects. This means time is critical and therefore staying on project plan essential. As mining construction usually takes place in remote and developing regions, there are often challenges that can cause supply chain and project management issues, making accurate project information harder to generate.

In this case study we share how Asgard expertise supported the turnaround of a mining construction project, resulting in its successful completion. 


Client Profile

Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Revenue: US$ 7.6 billion
Staff: 17,000
Project: US$ 2.3bn Coal Mine Project in Queensland, Australia.


An integrated multi-disciplinary schedule was needed in which the ultimate client would have faith, and the contractor could use as an effective management tool to control the project and deliver it as planned. The project included the construction of general infrastructure, a rail spur line, road access and the coal processing facility.

Challenges were numerous, including managing a project in a remote location from an office in Brisbane, as well as ensuring the timely delivery of engineering information from the designer of the coal processing facility.


Asgard staff carried out a thorough review of the construction drawings to establish the scope of the project. From this review a realistic construction schedule was developed that could be used to manage the completion of the remaining works. This included fully resourcing the schedule for manpower and materials enabling the contractor to efficiently manage its costs as well as its productivity.

Asgard also tightly monitored the drawing and design production for the coal processing facility, helping to ensure that there would be no costly delays in the provision of construction information to the contractor. Working with the contractor’s executive management and site production teams, Asgard helped put in place measures that would enable the satisfactory completion of the project.

Asgard added expertise in critical path techniques, as well as extensive hands-on experience of major earthworks, railways, structural steel design, fabrication and assembly.


Successful completion of the project efficiently and on time.

Key Lessons

  • Detailed, reliable plan from Day 1
  • Management of risk & change
  • Regular updates & monitoring of progress
  • Integrating cost and time functions
  • Reacting swiftly to problems when they arise.


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